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v. declaration

imperfect words inside the perfect song

7 April 1988
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i'm emily. also known as fido/silly e/frodo/bliss/fleabag/whatever the newest nickname someone's come up for me is. i'm a book lover, video game nerd, harry potter geek, and all around dork (if you hadn't caught on to that yet). i'm a 19 year old english and education major at the university of north carolina at charlotte. i want to be a teacher "when i grow up." i love tori amos, andrea bocelli, and the decemberists (varied music taste, much?). i'm very prone to being random and making typos, particularly when i'm tired. which is pretty much all the time. i have a sailor mouth. i'm sarcastic. i spend far too much time on the computer. i don't spend nearly enough time in sunlight. i love my siblings (the 4 younger ones, at least - my older brother is somewhat of a moron) more than life itself. i have trouble letting go of the past. i'm shy. i ramble (watches you all go, "NO, REALLY? o.O *shock*"...did i mention i'm sarcastic?). my journal is a mixture of really random crap i think of/have conversations about/come across online, and angsty rants about school, work, money issues, family issues...etc.

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